Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back to work

I've been away for 2 weeks.  Some planned some unplanned.  MP had a conference in KS, so we went, great time!  I got to see my grand kids, love that!  Then his grandma died, in NY.  We drove from KS to NY 17 hours!  He did the funeral and went home, I stayed for a week.  Needless to say I did not work out at all while I was there, and I ate all of my favorite NY things, many times over!  I gained 6 lbs.!  Not good!  So yesterday I went to the gym with a friend, a friend who really doesn't need to work out and doesn't really like to work out, so it was not a real productive workout.  Last night was date night, MP and I went out for pizza and wings.  Yummy! but did not help my weight gain any!  Leaving the restaurant I fell in the parking lot (embarrassing!)  now my and arm hurt!  I got up to go to take a class at the gym today only to find out that the trainer hurt her back last night, and there was no class today.  I walked/ran 2 miles, then did some weights and headed home.  Now I'm starving!!!!!!  ARGH!

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