Friday, July 30, 2010

Keepin On

This week it's been tough keepin on - the scale still hasn't moved and I'm working out more than ever, running 5 days a week and going to the gym 3. (Well I didn't go today for a multitude of reasons) The scale isn't budging. I feel like I make good food choices most of the time, I started keeping my food journal again, just in case I've been fooling myself. I spite of that, I am still running, and feeling pretty good about it too! My trainer changed up my strength training routine and boy is it hurting me! Today starts the weekend, the time when I usually have the hardest time, so my strategy? No eating out, trying some new recipes and going to the farmers market tomorrow to get some fresh fruit and veggies! Got to get that scale moving again. And don't think that because I didn't go to the gym this morning that I'm not getting a workout, I've already worked in the yard for an hour and plan to do the mowing after I pick J up from work. One more positive, someone took a picture last night of our group of friends and I almost didn't recognize myself, I really do look different!

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