Thursday, May 19, 2011

This week's workout's

I'm leaving for the weekend again, so today was most likely my last workout for the week.  Monday I ran 3 miles, and did some core work, very little strength training.  Tues., ran a mile and 20 min of strength training.  Wed. 30 min spin class.  Today, 1 hour bodies in motion class.  For the past year I have worked with a trainer in the fast trax program that our gym has.  During that time I took advantage of very few of the classes that are offered as part of the basic gym membership, I have also been part of the perfect balance program that allows me 1 appt. a week with a nutritional and life coach.  At the end of May my membership expires and I plan to switch to a basic gym membership.  I hope I'm doing the right thing!  It will save me $60 a month, but I hope that I can stay as committed to taking care of myself as I have with the support of my trainer and coach!  I'm going to be traveling a lot again during the next couple of months, I need to find a workout that works while I'm away.

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