Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Plan

I've been gaining weight steadily, it's the first time I've really gained since I started this whole thing a year ago.  I've been really upset about it!  I've got some things going on, stress I guess you might say, medical things and hormonal things.  I'm 45 and apparently my body is preparing to go through menopause.  My hormone levels have really dropped and I'm physically and emotionally feeling the effects.  I'm considering bio identical hormone replacement but not really sure how I feel about that yet.  Regardless what I've been doing isn't working so I've decided to try something new.  I'm joining the Burst Into Summer Challenge at the Sisterhood of The Shrinking Jeans.  I'm going to allow them to pair me up with 4 strangers to compete with other teams.  I'm hoping the accountability and not wanting to let other's down will help me.  I've also agreed to do a 5k with a friend of mine, so I guess I'd better get off this couch and get busy!  Wish me luck!

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