Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Workout Frustration

I am thankful for my trainer who doesn't just listen to me when I'm frustrated, she helps me come up with a plan! The last 4 weeks my weight has remained the same. I go in for my nutrition coaching, get on the scale. . . and. . . it says the same thing it said 4 weeks ago!!!!!!!! ERRRR!!!!!! Friday I am leaving for 2 weeks. I'm going to stay with B until the new baby arrives. There will be no trainer, no nutrition coach, just me. I won't even be making the meals, I will be out of control, and yesterday I felt like I was loosing all control! I wanted to eat everything I could get my hands on, luckily there isn't anything really bad in the house, well, except the cupcake stuff I have for 4th of July cupcakes. (I'll put pictures here later if they turn out ok). Anyway, I talked with my trainer about it and she got out her measuring tape, and did my measurements. I've lost almost 19 inches!!!!!! 19!!!! 4 on my waist and 4 on my hips!!!!!!!! That's awesome, and it gave me some perspective. We also came up with a plan for interval training when I get back to help the scale start moving! Yeah! Oh, and I can't forget my nutrition coach who helped me come up with a plan to stay in control while I'm away. Thanks guys!!!!!!!!

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